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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 27, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news4 new york, behind the wheel of a patrol car ask driving drunk? and driving drunk? a new jersey state trooper is busted after a crash, and we broke the news on and on our news app this afternoon. >> it was a fender bender but it has a 28-year veteran now suspended without pay. it happened on the monmouth rest stop monday. brian has been gathering inrmation. >> a female in an audi pulled up to that stop sign, suddenly rear-ended by a patrol car. a state the fact a state police sergeant is charged with drunk driving is
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>> we want the laws imposed on us followed by police. >> reporter: state police found an open alcohol container in his patrol car, according to the charges. one witness said beer bottles fell out of the car when he opened the door. a driving instructor from the skillful school told me -- >> i have no idea why people in th r right mind would drink and drive at the same time. >> reporter: his car was taken to the barracks while the sergeant roadside was relieved of his weapon and suspended without pay. a source told me he had been treated for alcohol before. >> i also understand the work they do puts them under undue stress that most people don't have to encounter on a day-to-day basis, and i would hope there is good support in his profession. >> reporter: roadside is a 28-year veteran of the state police.
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his duties include safeguarding the security of the governor, providing security and escorts for both presidents george w. bush and barack obama and responsibility for security details for all united nation escorts at top security level. there was no comment from his union. while a state police spokesman nd very rare, adding that this type of incident only happens once or twice a year on a force of 8600. brian thompson, news4 new york. this is new tonight. parents are anxious where police e looking for a man who tried to kidnap an 11-year-old girl. it happened at 9:00 this morning while the girl was walking to roosevelt school. she said a man pulled up in a black vehicle with a broken headlight and asked her to get in. when she refused, driver sped away. dozens of guns are now o the city streets.
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the mayor announced the arrest of six gun traffickers based in east harlem. they sold the weapons with some of the exchanges taking place in broad daylight. most of the guns were loaded when they were purchased. >> our office and our partners at the nypd are going to continue to do everything that we can in our power to eradicate gun violence that continues to linger in certain pockets of manhattan. >> according to the da, 70% of guns in new york city come from out of state. the u.s. says it will step up its operations against the terror group isis with direct action on the ground and iraq. the u.s. troops will not hold back in supporting its partners on the ground in addition to airstrikes. this comes after an assisted ground raid last week to assist isis. one soldier was killed during the rescue. decision 2016 now.
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move over, donald trump. it looks like there is a new republican frontrunner in the race for the white house. in the survey, donald trump trails at 22%. these numbers com g just one day before the next gop debate. steve handles elsman is in boulder, colorado where they will take the stage. steve? >> it's the home of the university in colorado. it's hardly a hotbed of conservatism. but i found some republicans in town today and they are happy to hear that the -- perfect timing for ben carson the day before e bate. he leads for the first time in a national poll of republicans. he is in boulder, colorado, the site of the gop debate. there are some republicans.
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impressed by both outside candidates. >> i like carson's subtle personality, but i think he can t the job done. >> brian borner is torn between trump and carson. >> if you had to choose one, who would you pick? >> i would pick trump right now. i think he'll rein them back in. on the phone, trump went after carson. >> he wants to knock out medicare, i heard that over the weekend. he wants to abolish medicare, and i don't think he'll get away with that one. >> reporter: carson says he would reduce impoverished and remain low key. >> some people think he's low back. i don't think very many people think he's too laid back to be president. i think that people really, really appreciate his temperament. >> reporter: but the
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frontrunners and the eight others at the debate seem sure of boulder. before the main candidates tang tagngle, there will be another finding in a two-day poll. 70% of republicans are not sure who they will vote for. from boulder, colorado, steve handelsman, news4 new york. a reminder, the republican candidates take to the stage tomorrow night only on wnbc. atyour money, your vote starts at 8:00. bernie sanders is still providing a bigger challenge for hillary clinton than anyone predicted. today he applauded clinton for moving in his direction. >> hillary clinton has come on board with positions that i have held for many, many years. >> sanders says he's talking about mrs. clinton's positions on the keystone pipeline and the
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trans-pacific trade deal. a poll shows hillary clinton commanding a 41% lead in iowa. they are helping commuters get across the hudson river. a 10 $10 million grant will be used for rapid transit over the tappan zee bridge. you can expect more lanes and new signals. the bridge is supposed to be finished by 2018. we have two new car recalls to two potentially different issues. for anyone traveling by plane for the holidays this year, the one thing you soon won't be able to pack in your
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$39.99 per month me and ask about free installation. call 1-855-want twc. there are new federal restrictions for airline passen gers who smoke e-cigarettes. those travelers are going to be banned for packing them in their checked luggage. this is because of concern for
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causing fire. the new rule goes in effect in the next few weeks. e-cigarettes still allowed in ca.rry-on bags. taus is forheog owners out there. you will now be able to bring your dogs with you to outdoor ca ves. governor cuomo signed the dogs allowed bill last night. it is effective immediately. the dogs have to be on a leash. owners cannot touch the animag and restaurant owners have the right to say no. too bad it's starting to get cold outside. maybe next year. drones can raise big privacy concerns, however, if you think one is flying on your family, can you shoot it out of the sky? >> the man who did gets his day in court, and then later - the end of an era. neighbors say this house is part of new york city history. i'm gus rosendale in elmhurst, queens. they're trying to save this
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house from the wrecking ball. >> and here's wha holt is working on tonight. >> the eye-opening comments of the secretary of defense and dangerous blowouts, the government warning about what you need to do with tires on your car, when we see you tonight. new york. yes, that's a real bear. i...won a trip. that is so exciting. (announcer vo) play the i love new york scratch-off from the new york lottery. you could win trips to exciting new york destinations or up to
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you inside a manhattan field office of the mtf. how agents are tracking the history of a weapon believed to officer. plus, what really happened. a 7-year-old girl's parents are asking how long it took school officials to call 911 to help their daughter who was choking to death. they respond while the girl lies in a coma in the hospital. laws and regulations are still trying to catch up as more drones climb in the sky. but there is this. a kentucky man will not face charges after admitting he shot down his neighbor's drone, saying it was invading his neighbor's privacy. in fact, the judge threw out the case completely. he used a gun to take down the drone in july. he said it was hovering over the house while his daughter sunbathed in the backyard. it flew over the home, only hovered.
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>> i'm dumbfounded, i really am, because i don't think the court looked at what really took place here. >> the drone's owner says he was with a group while flying the drone and would tell a different story if he had been placed on the stand and he plans to appeal before a grand jury. we have our consumer alert now involving tens of thousands of vehicles now being recalled by fiat chrysler. in some 2015 jep cherokees the air-conditioning lines are too close to the exhaust manifold, posing a fire hazard, and the 2015-2016 ram 1500 pickups, the shaft can break, causing an accident. so far no injuries are reported. >> who can you trust to fix your computer? ay long island woman handed over her laptop and was assured it wo auld be repaired. that was over a year ago, so she said better get baquero.
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line, they promised it would be fixed and offered to replace the laptop. in her baldwin home, julie is suffbling from the effects of o strokes. she relies on her computer to keep her connected. >> i need it to work, like, my bills, doctors' appointments. >> reporter: one day she noticed the battery drained even after plug tg in to charge, so she brought it to lan labs in oceanside and was told she needed a power jack. >> they said it was an easy repair, they just needed to order the jack. they said it would take two weeks. >> and that was in april of 2014. >> you heard right, april of 2014. soon after, julie got this in formation from lan labs. >> a technician said when he was replacing the jack that he blew out the motherboard, so he told me, don't worry, i'm going to
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buy it. i have to order it, and he said it's going to take weeks. >> reporte a more than a year after she brought in her computer, julie asked news4 for help, and we went straight to lan labs on foxhurst road in oceanside and spoke to doug who said he was theowner. i'm lane da baquera from channel 4. she said you damaged the motherboard. >> yeah. >> you acknowledge that? >> yes, we did. it was a mistake. >> reporter: have you repaired the laptop? wh are you doing about that? >> i'm not sure what our solution is. i haven't heard from her -- it's been weeks. >> reporter: weeks, but you realize we're talking about a year and a half. >> reporter: doug said he had a replacement for her for some time but she hasn't picked it up. inv thestigated lan labs and the better business burea gives it
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they are unlicensed and computer repair places are required to be licensed. at the end of our conversation, doug made this promise. how soon do you think it will take to get it replaced? it's monday now so we can have it by friday. >> reporter: do you mind if we me back? >> fantastic. >> that was last friday. it's now tuesday and julie still doesn't have her computer. that's the requirement, licensing requires insurance, which could get you restitution. also check on line for reviewshanding over your expensive electronics.
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team at better get baquero. we are watching the storm come up the coast. it will bring us some wind. minor flooding is what we're expecting during times of high tide tomorrow, mainly between 11:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon, for coastal areas and back bay areas on the shore as well. watch for some flooding over the roads and minor coastal flooding for wednesday. look at stormtracker. clouds are here. no rain yet. that's still several hours away. we'll mainly see most of the steady rain start up in the morning, here it comes, and then heavier showers in the afternoon. this streams all the way back towards kansas city. actually, it's been raining there most of the afternoon, b ut it's starting to dry out now. the rain will be played, but occasionally it might sprinkle. mainly the first part of the game when it won't be a complete washout on the back edge of everything. the mets are playing the royals at 8:07. it's chilly there, too,
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they'll get the game in,eal. sure. west westha ton at 54, mid-50l in long branch. the temperatures are pretty much in the same range. it won't be all that cold tonight. going to see an onshore flow with this system coming out of the east. gusty winds and minor coastal flooding. everything moves out thursday morning. in the afternoon it's nice and sunny and temperatures in the low 70s. a little bit cooler for the weekend for halloween and the marathon, but nice weather conditions for trick-or-treating, a little on the cool side at night, and also for the running of the marathon, it's nice and cool for the morning. rainfall tonight and early thursday, we're expecting as much as three inches of rain. this will help out in the whole drought situation. we're still in moderate but dry conditions throughout the area, and departures fro normal are still 6 to 9 inches of rain.
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temperatures tonight are in the 50 for lows. there could be a few light showers coming south and est tonight. that's nothing compared to what we will see tomorrow. the stormiest weather will happen around now for the evening commute, but it's an all-day rain, warm on thursday, beautiful weather or the weekend. guys, back to you. >> an extra hour of sleep. yay. new york history to be admired or just a neighborhood eyesore? up next, the push to save this 250-year-old farmhouse, and erwhy some say it needs to go. our pick of the day in hoboken or at least on this hoboken street, ne a halloween house. >> if you have a pic you'd like to share, use this witter or instagram.
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there's no question this farmhouse has seen better days. and the wrecking ball is not far away, but some have fought to keep it for many more years. >> many think it's part of new york city history. >> these are over 100 years old. >> reporter: look beyond this burnt-out and bloek roken house's current facade. imagine when it stood on 40 acres of elmhurst, before elmhurst was even part of queens. tom mckinsey grew up around here. he tries to keep his city's history. it is the last of this kind. the last home linked to the neighbndorhood of co]onial era roots. the neighbors want to save it and turn it into a museum and colonial center. ey are considering that push for protective status. >> if they find it worthy, they can landmark it.
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>> reporter: you still have a chance, then? >> yeah, we still have a chance. >> reporter: it would require construction permits in a growing part of the city. the trend is pretty clear. developers typically knock down single family homes and then build multi-story apartment buildings. >> i think this is an important piece of history of this community and it really should be saved. >> reporter: tom says the cost of saving it would not be good. an old house slowly swallowed by the stigma that grew around it. that will do it for us. we thank you for watching. >> stay right here. the news continues at 6:00.
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the gun to kill randolph came from. the allegations that no one rushed to call 911 while a 7-year-old girl was choking to death. heavy rain and strong winds is on the way. good evening, i'm chuck scar beau. >> and i'm sibila vargas. a man who is accused of fatally shooting a police officer in the head in east harlem. >> the charges against tyrone howard will remain sealed until his next court date in november. thousands of family members,ic friends and fellow officers gathered at a cathedral in jamaica to honor the fallen police officer. >> tonight tracy mark santia spent the dagey with ff agents. mark? >> reporter: and sibila, it was right here one week ago when
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